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The 2013 Racing season has ended, with Austin claiming 3rd in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Sportsman Series,
Rookie of the year in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Sportsman Series, and I-44 Track Champion in the Pro National Babygrand Series.
Saturday Sept 14, 2013
Tonight was the final race of the 2013 season, pulling double duty in both the Sportsman and the Babygrand car, Austin would need to drive fast to win.  Batteling the vetern J.C. Newell for 2nd place in the Sportsman car, Austin would need to win both the heat race and the feature race to pull off the second place finish for the season.  Going out for the heat race, Austin fought hard to make his way up to the front.  With a final lap pass he would take the win in the heat race.  His big fight would come in the feature race, since he would have to start at the tail of the field, since he won last weeks feature race.  When the green flag dropped, he was quick to make it up to fourth, but would get stuck in traffic with some of the slower cars.  Rather than forcing the car, he waited patiently until he could make the clean pass for third and quickly took second.  With only 4 laps to go he set his sights on Randy Besser, driving his line and giving it all he could he ran out of laps before the checker flag came out and Austin finished second in the final race.  This would mean that he missed second place for the season by only four points.  He had a impressive season finishing 3rd in NASCAR Whelen All-American Sportsman Series, behind veteran drivers Randy Besser and J.C. Newell.
For the final Pro National Babygrand race, Austin would go out to win his heat race and therefore putting him on the tail for the feature race. When the green flag dropped in the feature race he quickly made his way up to third, batteling Jamie Koontz for second, before Koontz would blow a motor and end his race for the night.  This left only 3 laps to battle with Jacob Blair for the final win of the season.  On the restart Jacob was able to get a clean start, Austin tried to get to his bumper and get around, but his car just did not have the power he needed.  Austin finished 2nd tonight behind Jacob Blair, however he did claim the I-44 Championship in the Pro National Babygrands.
Saturday Sept 7, 2013
The team was back to racing at I-44 Speedway, with the season quickly coming to an end. For the heat race Ausin raced hard and pulled off a clean cross over move on Randy Besser in turn four to finish second.  With the track invert he would start the feature race on outside pole.  Austin was trying to finish out the season on top, trying to spoil some of the veteran drivers.  He fought hard with Jimmy Fohn driving side by side for several laps, before jumping out to the lead and was able to hold of Randy Besser to grab the checker flag. This would leave the final race to decide if Austin was to finish second or third in points, as Randy Besser already clenched up the Championship.
Saturday Aug 24, 2013
The team was back racing Saturday night at I-44 Speedway.  After finishing fifth in the heat race the track would invert the field and put Austin on the outside pole for the feature race.  Taking the green flag side by side with the 48 of Fone they battled it out for 4 laps before Austin was able to finally pull ahead and take the lead.  Once out in the lead Austin pulled away as the rest of the field all battled to make it around the 48.  Newell in the 84 started to make up some ground but Austin was able to hold off the field and bring home his first feature points race in the Sportsman series.
The team will be back next Saturday for another double duty night racing both the Babygrand and the Sportsman.
Saturday Aug 17, 2013
Enjoying the cool weather in August, the team was racing at I-44 Speedway.  With the car back together after last weeks breakdown, Austin was excited to see what the car would do.  For the heat race Austin started in fourth but quickly went out to take the lead and win.  With the track inverting the field he would start third, pushing his car as hard as he could and trying to make a couple clean passes on the 84 of Newell but never being able to pull it off, Austin would finish tonight's Sportsman feature in 6th.
In the Babygrand feature tonight Austin started at the tail of the field in position 8.  Quickly trying to make his way up to the front of the field.  After some side by side action he was finally able to pass the 44 of Koontz and make his way up to the leader before making the pass to bring home another checker flag in the babygrand!
Wednesday July 3, 2013
After a few days of relaxing with friends the crew was back at I-44 Speedway for a special exciting night of racing and fireworks, with the celebration of our Independence.  Tonight's race would not be a points race, since the Sportsman cars were running with the Super Trucks, the group would go out and race for fun and the fans.  With this, the track would allow us to make some changes to the car, so we could keep up and that is exactly what we did.  Bolting 10" wide tires on the car would help Austin lay down some pretty fast lap times.  Running lap times that would put him in contingent with the Super Late Models, got a lot of teams looking.  Winning his heat race without any issues would give Austin a starting position of fifth for the feature race.  With Reeves jumping to the lead, the young gun was able to catch him to put some heat on.  Battling for first, Austin went into turn 4 a little to hard and spun him self out, and would get sent to the tail of the field.  This however was no issue for the young driver, as he quickly made his way back up the field to third before another caution came out with nine laps to go.  On the restart Austin was able to get around Reeves, who discovered he had a tire that went down.  This would secure Austin's first ever win in his Sportsman car, bringing home the checker flag! Tonight was a major achievement for Austin, winning in the Sportsman, we want to thank all our sponsors, fans, friends and family who help support us!  The track will be closed for a few weeks for a summer break.  Our next race will be July 20th, where Austin will be pulling another double header for the night racing both the Baby Grand and the Sportsman.
Saturday June 29, 2013
Racing action was almost cancelled tonight at I-44 Speedway, due to mother nature.  However the track officials, racers and fans all helped to dry the track so the racing action could get underway.  Finishing second in the heat race would place Austin on the outside pole for the feature.  Green flag dropped with some tuff competition Austin battled for second, but was not able to pull off the pass on Besser for second and would finish the race in third tonight, right before the rain started to come down again.  We will be off a few days before coming back on Wednesday night for a special pre fourth of July race. 
Saturday June 22, 2013
This weekend was the first double header weekend for AJM at I-44 Speedway.  Austin would be pulling double duty in both his cars, racing first the sportsman and then jumping into his babygrand to finish the night. Getting a little damage from one of the cautions that was brought out during qualifying, Austin finished in 4th for the sportsman race, but with the tracks invert he would start the feature on the pole.  During the drop of the green flag Austin was spun out by his competition and was sent to the tail of the field.  After the re-start Owens would get into his completion ending his night and bringing out another caution.  Reeves would jump to an early lead followed by Newell and Douglas.  Austin worked his way up and battled Douglas for third position, racing side by side for several laps, before spinning himself out with only 4 laps to go.  When he spun in turn 2, Besser had no where to go and would hit us causing some more minor damage.  However with this new damage and going to the tail of the field, Austin would finish the race in 6th place.
Wanting to redeem the night, Austin jumped into his baby grand and try to bring home the checker flag.  Originally he would start in 3rd, but when he took the track he began to have car troubles and could not get the car into gear.  The track would eventually push him off the track so they could go green.  The crew ran down to the pits and was able to get the car into gear and Austin on the track just as the field was taking the back stretch to go green.  Austin floored it to try to get up to the field and quickly found himself in second.  When the caution came out with only 10 laps to go, he would battle Blair for first place, racing some more side by side action, he was finally able to take the lead and pull away from the field.  Austin brought home another checker flag for the 2013 season, winning back to back races in his baby grand!
We want to thank our Lord for keeping us safe during our travels to the track as well as while Austin is on the track racing.  The crew is now getting the sportsman fixed and ready for the next race on Saturday June 29th.  This will be Military appreciation night at the track, celebrating the 238th birthday of the army. So come see your favorite drivers in action and support our military men and women of the past, present and future!
Saturday May 25, 2013
The team was back at I-44 Speedway for some more racing action on Saturday night.  After practicing and getting the car dialed in pretty good Austin started the feature in 5th working his way up to take the lead by lap 5.  He was holding off the competition and just starting to break away when Aaron Douglas brought out the caution when he spun in turn 2 after breaking something on his car.  With only 10 laps to go, Austin was not able to hold his lead on the restart with the veteran drivers taking it away he settled into third and finished his second race in the sportsman with a top three finish!
We want to thank all our sponsors who continue to help and support our team.  Team Silence, Wishard Caviar, Compliance Fire & Safety, Scentsy, BNL Network - we would not be able to compete every week, without your support!
Saturday May 18, 2013
Saturday was a big night of racing at I-44 Speedway in Lebanon, Missouri, as the Jegs/CRA Pro Late Models rolled into town for a 144 lap showdown.  This was a exciting event that brought the Babygrands racing into action for the first time this season.  Sponsored by our very own Wishard Caviar Consultants and opening for the Pro Late Models, gave the Babygrands some very good publicity in front of thousands.  Austin would start the heat race at the tail of the field, but quickly took the lead by lap 4 for the 8 lap shoot out.  With the nights invert at a 3 the field was set with Koontz on the pole, followed by Polley, Johnson, Blair, Greven, Wishard, McDowell, Moore.  When the green flag dropped for the feature race Austin went to work getting into place to hit his marks and drive his line he quickly went door to door with Polley battling for first place.  On lap three Austin took the lead and never looked back, getting a front stretch lead it looked as if he would run away from the field.  However Bill Wishard in the 33 car hit the front stretch wall and brought out the caution and grouping the field back together. Austin set the pace for the restart and took off with the lead, Polley and Blair would battle for second and third followed by Koontz, Grevan, Wishard, McDowe, and Moore.  Austin was so excited to get the checker flag for the first time in 2013, with it being sponsored by Wishard Caviar- this was a very special night for the family!  Telling the track announcer during the post race interview "Man I don't know how we did not catch on fire, cause my car was pegged out!  I gave it all I had tonight."  Thanking all his sponsors: Wishard Caviar Consultants, Compliance Fire & Safety, Scentsy, BNL Network, and Team Silence for their continued support and thanking his Dad for doing such a awesome job on setting up the car.  The Babygrands will be racing again on June 22nd, with Austin pulling double duty racing both his Babygrand and his Sportsman that night, but until then he will be back in the sportsman next Saturday, battling the big guys, gates open at 5:30 and racing starts at 7:00pm.  Come check us out for some Saturday night racing!
Saturday May 9, 2013
The 2013 season was officially kicked off at Lebanon I-44 Speedway in Lebanon, Missouri.  Austin made his debut in the NASCARR Wheelen All-American Sportsman Series. Starting the feature race third row outside, Austin quickly found his groove and settled into sixth place.  Slowly he worked his way up to fourth and quickly avoided the crash that happened right in front of him going into turn one.  With the caution out he was sitting in third place, on the restart he was able to make a pass and take over second place.  With only five laps to go it looked like Austin would bring home a top three finish in is first feature race.  However all of a sudden Austin's car died on the backstretch, when his coil wire came undone bringing out the caution sending Austin off the track.  The crew chief was able to get the wire back on and send Austin back out just as the field was getting ready to go back green.  Austin would have to start at the tail of the field, but was able to finish fifth in his first NASCAR Wheelen All-American Sportsman race.
Austin will be switching cars next week bringing out the Babygrand for the first time in 2013.  The Babygrands will be the opening series at Lebanon I-44's Mercy of the Master featuring the CRA/JEGS Pro Late Models.  With the Babygrand race sponsord by our very own Wishard Caviar Consultants, Austin hopes to bring home the checker flag for the family! 
We want to thank all our sponsors for their continued support and hope to see you Saturday night, the green flag will drop at 6:30.
Saturday April 14, 2012
The crew is back in Texas for a single day of racing at the Lil' Texas Speedway. With the NASCAR Sprint cup race Saturday evening the Legends race started at 10:00am. The track was full of fans in the stands and even tailgating around the track. We had a driver appearance by David Ragan, who came from Legends racing. Getting down to business the team went to work setting up the car for the hot slick track. The car was pushing in practice, sot he team made some adjustments before qualifying. Austin went out and qualified 5th. Green dropped and the cars were off, Austin raced up to 3rd before making a rookie mistake driving into turn 3 to hard, it sent him up the track exiting 4. This gave room for the others to take him on the inside and hung him on the outside. Finally making his was back down the track to the inside he lost positions and dropped to 6th where he would finish the race! The team was excited with his finish. We finally had a good run with no issues from the car. It was now time to load up and head across the street to watch some Sprint cup racing! The team will be back in Texas on Saturday April 28th. Come check us out if your in town.
Sunday March 25, 2012
AJM is back at the track to finish out the weekend. This will be the first day race for the team in the Legends car. It is sunny and hot in Texas and the track is slick. Hoping that a third time is a charm, all we want is to finish the race with the car running good. Qualifying went well with Austin finishing 4th, this will start him 8th for the feature race. Green flag drops and the little man is off to prove a point. Racing thru the field he moves up to 5th position and is gaining on the leaders when a caution comes out. Austin is the first young lions driver but holding 5th overall, the track grouped together both the young lions and the semi pros. When the green drops again the cars bunch up and one of the semi pro's gets into the back of Austin breaking his back bumper bringing out the black flag. Austin was discouraged, but kept his head up high. We had a fun weekend and learned a lot from the new car.
Saturday March 24, 2012
The Team was back at the track for another beautiful evening of Saturday Night racing. Hoping to get a good finish for tonights race after the spindle broke the night before, the team set out to get Austin some practice before the feature. Austin was in the second heat again for qualifying and qualified 3rd, this would start him in 6th again for the feature. However the leader had an issue and went off track before the start of the race moving Austin up to 2nd for the feature. Green drops and Austin is holding his position then all of a sudden he starts falling fast. As he comes around turn 4 he throws his hands up trying to signal something to the team, but with no radios the crew has no idea what is going on. Austin would finish the feature in 5th. Once we got the car to the pits we realized that the coil on the car went out. He was only racing on 2 cylinders. The crew loaded the car and got replacement parts from the LoneStar Legends Parts trailer, before heading out. We found a Wal-Mart got the remaining items we need and unloaded the car and got it fixed before calling it a night.
Friday March 23, 2012
AJM and the crew kicked off the 2012 season with the first race in the Legends car at Lil' Texas Speedway just outside of the Texas Motor Speedway. The crew was a little nervous, not knowing exactly what to expect out of the car. This car was an acutal "Barn Find" from our car sponsor Mark Bartley Racing. It had been sitting for about 3 years when we got it in the off season. We had no expectations going into the first 3 day race weekend. We told Austin we were there to have fun and learn. Austin set out for practice and fell in love with the car. He went out for Qualifying Race and finshed 3rd, this put him starting the feature race in 6th place. Green flag dropped and Austin made his way up thru the field to third place and was gaing on the leaders. With only 9 laps to go he went into to turn 1 and 2 and broke a front spindle. This would end the first feature for him. The track crew brought the car to the pits and the Pit Crew went to work taking the car apart to figure out what needed to be done to get him fixed for the Saturday feature. The crew had the car fixed and loaded before all the racing was finished for the night.
September 24, 2011

AJM returned to Highland Rim on September 24th for the final race of the season.  This was the same track that the team kicked off the season at and we wanted to go back to see how Austin had improved.  We had a 10 car field for the final race.   Austin even would be competing against his 21yr old uncle Billy. Practice went very well, but Austin wanted more speed out of the car.  With a few minor adjustments we were ready for qualifying.  Austin would go out and qualify 7th.  When the green flag dropped Austin went to work trying to make his way thru the field making his way up to 5th place when Billy in the 33 car brought out the caution, when he spun in turn 2.  This would line the field back up double file. When the green flag dropped again Austin made his first rookie mistake of the year.   Thinking he was clear of the outside car he came up into the 26 car of Moore.  Moore had nowhere to go and clipped Austin in the right rear spinning him around on the front stretch with a hard hit to the wall.  Austin brought his car around to pit road with some major front end damage.  The crew tried to pull the bumper up some and sent him back out on the track to take the green flag.  Now at the tail end of the field he would have to work his way back up thru the field.  Passing cars he made his way back into 7th place before the checker flag came out and the final race of the season was over.  His uncle Billy would finish right behind him in 8th place.  We would like to thank all of our sponsors for making this a successful season – without you this race team is not possible.  The crew will now go into the off season and will be gearing up for the 2012 race season.  Check back often for some interesting updates about Austin and his future racing endeavors.

August 27, 2011

AJM rolled into Lebanon, Mo for the 5th and Final National Points race for the Pro National series on Saturday.  It was an evening of exciting racing that will not be forgotten.  The evening fielded 11 cars with Rookie Hunter Baize making his Pro National debut in his #13 car.  Also making the field was Austin’s uncle Billy Wishard Jr – who was driving the #16 National Guard Car and Ricky Allen Jr in the # 33 Montoya Car (Both owned by Mark Bartley) 

Austin would start the feature in the third position with Chris Willis in the 08 car jumping to an early lead, followed by Ronnie Binkley (25) and Brad Stiffler (18) – Austin would fall back to the forth position when a caution came out to bunch the field back up.  On the restart the leaders would pull the old break check move, which caused the drivers to check up.  Austin fell back to the 6th spot on the restart and battled Rouse (2) and Deuser (14) to get his fourth place position back.  He then went to work trying to catch back up to the leaders, but ran out of laps...Chris Willis (08) led 37 of the 40 lap feature race with Brad Stiffler (18) and Ronnie Binkley (25) battling for the second position.  Both drivers using cross over moves and swapping positions with almost each lap. Stiffler made the pass on Willis on lap 38 and coming to the checkers Binkley makes the move on Willis as Willis slides up the track and contacts the wall with the quarter panel of the (08) machine and shoots back down in front of Binkley to finish 2nd. Binkley had to lift so as not to hit the (08) and finishes a strong 3rd.

There were essentially 3 different races on the track at the same time- Willis, Binkley, Stiffler and Johnson (22) were in a group.  We had Cory Dueser (14), Cole Rouse (2), Ricky Allen Jr. (33) and Hunter Baize (13) from Breman KY. Battling it out for the fifth position and we had Jacob McClay (16), Jacob Blair (81) swapping positions.  Between the three groups it was exciting to watch! Billy Wishard was unable to compete as he lost the engine in his #16x National Guard car. Hunter Baize, who comes to the series as a carting champion, looked to be competitive until sparks came into the car and ended his evening as well as the 33 of Ricky Allen Jr.  We look forward to good things to come next season from the 13 team.

I want to point out this group of racers is mostly compiled of rookies- Austin Johnson 12 yoa, Corey Dueser 14 yoa, Cole Rouse 13 yoa, Brad Stiffler 16 yoa, Jacob McClay 16 yoa, Jacob Blair 13 yoa, Hunter Baize 13 yoa, Billy Wishard 21 yoa, Ricky Allen Jr. 21 yoa. We have had a lot of Top 5’s and Top 10’s and even History as the youngest winner ever at a Track and in a Baby Grand car.

The first season for the Pro National Series has been rewarding and refreshing to this class of cars. As designed it is a feeder series to all full size cars at the upper levels of racing. Typically there is a gap from the Go-Cart, Quarter Midgets and Micro Midget racing to full size Stock cars. We are actively working on Series Sponsors for next year as well as the 2012 season schedule. We will be extending our search for tracks to run at and series to partner up with to be an opening class for other divisions. Hope it was as exciting for you as the race fans as it was for us getting a bird’s eye view of some fantastic racing. We want to thank all of our 2011 Sponsors who helped make this year a huge success.  Our final race of the season will be Sept 23 at Highland Rim.

August 6, 2011

The 22 Team traveled to our home away from home, Jeffersonville Indiana for a exciting evening of racing at the Sportsdrome Speedway.  This would be the 4th National event on the schedule, the Team unloaded and was towards the top of the group, but we weren't completely satisfied with where we were and made small adjustments to dial it in even better and Austin made it look even easier with the consistency and improving lap times.  It came to qualifying, NASCAR style- Green, White, Checker-, typically this has been Austin's weak spot, he was second to last throwing down a first lap of 15.4 which put him 2nd on the chart.  This is the best effort of qualifying put forth so far in this young man's career of racing.  However keep in mind he is only 12, sometimes I forget that. For the feature event, on the first lap taking the green flag Austin spun going into turn 1 as he did not heat up his tires good enough in the warm up laps, this would put him at the tail of the field.  With the restart only on lap 2 of the feature would give Austin plenty of time to get to the front, "The Kid" wasted no time and worked his way thru the field picking off cars methodically in his approach and was in 4th spot before you knew it.  The second caution came out bunching the field  back up and Austin went back to work, a couple of laps later he was in the 2nd spot, but not for long as Brad Stiffler got position on Austin coming out of turn 4, it was a good race until the 18 of Stiffler started leaking oil from his machine and to prevent any damage to the 22, the team decided to settle in and bring it home in the third spot to finish the race.  The team is very pleased with the progress this young man has made this year in the Pro National Series, Austin has all top 5 finishes this year with only one finish of a 9th place.  Next race is at I-44 Speedway in Lebanon, MO. on Aug 27th.  AJM would like to thank all of our Sponsors that help make this happen, THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS our Troops.... We wish all of them a safe return trip home.

July 16, 2011

12 -year-old Austin Johnson Makes I-44 Speedway Track History Saturday night, with his first feature win.  With only his fifth start in his Pro National "Baby Grand" car, Austin brought home the checker flag.   It was a Hot Saturday night but the team came out to race, practice went really well and Austin was making some good lap times.  The team brought the car in to get ready for the qualifying race, which would put Austin at the tail end of the field.  However while waiting in line to take the track, Austin's car caught on fire!  He had a fuel line leak, that would send flames shooting thru the hood of the car.  With some quick responses from fellow drivers and the track firefighters they got the fire out and pulled Austin out of the car to safety.  The crew pushed the car back to the pits, as the other drivers took the track for the qualifying race.  It was a special night with Family and friends helping out in the pits.  The crew went to work quickly to assess what the problem was.  Luckily it was a quick fix of the fuel line, that would allow us to get the car ready in time for the feature event.  Since Austin missed the qualifying event he would have to start the feature at the tail end of the field.  Tonight's race was a field full of rookies, meaning that one of the lucky drivers was going to get their first trip to victory lane in 2011.

The cars took the track and with the green flag waving Cole Roush took the early lead, but Austin made his way quickly thru the field and side by side to battle for first place until the caution came out on lap three.  The cars would line up this time single file with Cole Roush leading followed by Austin Johnson, Jacob Blair, Kory Welch, and Corey Deuser.  On the restart, Austin took over the lead and never looked back, bringing home his first victory in his Pro National car and making track history as the youngest driver to ever WIN at I-44 Speedway in Lebanon, MO. Roush and Deuser battled for second and third, followed by Blair and Welch to round out the field.

Austin took the checker flag for a victory lap around the track with the crowd cheering loud, he rolled into the Monster Energy Victory Lane for his first driver interview of the season.  Austin said "I've been doing this for 4 years and this is just what I love" and "I'd really like to thank my parents for fulfilling my dreams." Austin described the track as a "miniature Talladega" to I-44 announcer, Zack 'Z-Man' Morgan.

The team would like to thank all of the sponsors for helping make this historical night possible.  Without you this young man's dreams would not be coming true.  It was a very special night for all of us, and one that we will never forget .  We also want to give a very special thank you to our wonderful Almighty God, and the fire fighters and safety crews at the track who helped make sure that Austin was safe! 

June 18, 2011
Well race fans AJM Racing rolled into Lebanon Speedway on Saturday June 18th with the checkered flag as the goal and had a lot of opportunity to do so. The team unloaded  and had speed out of the trailer which is always a good sign as a racer, there are so many times that it doesn’t happen like that. With only being off a little bit and a loose off condition in the heat of the day it was a good sign for the team, as we knew the track tightens up when the sun drops. We drew outside pole for the heat race and had a rookie mistake with missing a shift so we fell to third and would settle there for the heat race, Austin said dad don’t change a thing, that was my mistake I got nervous and missed the shift the car is fine. So for the draw of the race we would start third row outside, well that was short lived as the second and fourth  position cars would both choose to start at the back of the field, which AJM will take outside pole any day…. Well on the start of the 40 lap feature we experienced another rookie thing is what we are going to call it… missed a shift again…. By the time he got it wound up we were in fifth and raced into fourth when a caution came out for a car spinning in turn 4, so this time we were hoping for a good restart well let’s just say we are going to work on shifting, so when this restart got going we were in third with the leaders were a straight away ahead, the one thing we had on our side was 30 laps. Austin was hitting his marks and shrinking the distance between him and the leaders, Ronnie Binkley and Brad Stiffler was doing some side by side which allowed the 22 Dodge Charger to nip at the heals. With 5 laps to go Austin made a move that a driver would make that had a lot of confidence, going in to turn 3 and coming out turn 4 on the straight away side by side with the veteran driver and took it into turn 1 side by side not budging an inch and came out of turn 2 took the second spot and looking for the top spot and coming to the white flag The KID had cut the lead down to a couple of car lengths coming to the checkered and ended just al little short for his first victory in the Pro National Series. We came home in a well deserved 2nd place and will capitalize on the experience. After 4 races in the Pro National Series Austin is sitting in 3rd in points with 2 more races for the national ranking. The team will go back to the shop and find some more speed to come back and try it again.  Can you imagine being an 11 year old and doing what this kid has proven he can do at the speeds these cars are making……. WOW it makes us enjoy what we are getting a front row seat to watch as parents. Check back often as AJM  is very appreciative of the things we are blessed with and the opportunities that allow us to do what Austin loves to do, which is race cars. Thanks for supporting AJM.
May  22, 2011  Whitesville KY.  
 Kentucky Motor Speedway where NASCAR names like Waltrip, Green, and Mayfield got their start.  The day started with registration and Pre Tech and practice.  All cars made it through  Pre Tech with no issues.  The #16 machine of  Rick McClay  was having mechanical issues.  After practice several teams jumped in and found there was a fuel pump issue, they changed it and he was able to make the race.  It was great to see the different teams helping each other to make the race.
Qualifying was fast with Ronnie Binkley in the #25 car setting the fast lap time of 17.25 but with a 5 drawn for inversion the field was set putting the 14 of Corey Deuser on the pole with the 22 of "Awesome" Austin Johnson on the outside row one.
The track had a driver introduction for both divisions on the front stretch with the track announcer and then the gates were opened for approzimately 700 fans coming onto the track for autographs, photos and to meet the Pro National Series Drivers. .
 THE PRO NATIONAL CARS took the track with the inverted field and when the green flag waived the field stayed tight for the first 3 laps,  with Corey “The Duce” Deuser leading and Chris “Shag” Willis close behind.   Binkley  and Stiffler began making their way through traffic for the 40 lap feature.  Binkley , Willis and Stiffler are closing the gap on “The Deuce” as the 14 car of Deuser developed engine problems and fell  off the pace.  The 22 car of  our 11 year old driver “Awesome” Austin Johnson showed strength running a tight 4th in the early  laps when he had a brush with the turn 4 wall and knocked the toe out and caused a ill handling race car.  Binkley  gains a comfortable lead while the 08 of Willis and the 18 of  Stiffler were fighting for 2nd place.  Then it happened,  the move of the night,  Willis and Stiffler down the back stretch bumper to bumper into turn three Willis hits his marks and Stiffler does a BONZI  move under  Willis and a 4 wheel slide back up in front of Willis for the pass and position and starts chasing Binkley down.  Willis, with a new engine, was not going to jeopardize damaging it  followed, Stiffler.  Rick McClay in the 16 car does a good job for his first National Race. If you remember from Huntsville Rick became ill and son Jacob had to run his first Pro National  race. It’s going to be interesting to see who gets the full time seat Dad or Son.  Binkley working lap traffic allowed Stiffler to gain some ground  but not enough to catch him before the 40 lap caution free race was over.  Binkley takes the win with Stiffler, Willis, Johnson , Blair, Deuser and McClay.  
April 29, 2011
AJM traveled to Lebanon, MO to practice for the upcoming feature on the 13th.  This was Austin's first time ever on the track at I-44 Speedway and he will actually be the youngest driver to ever race at the facility.  Racing at top speeds of 110 to 120 mph, he went thru an approval process with the track so they could witness how he handles the car - we are now all set for racing!  He had some very good practice times and it was a successful practice.  He is very excited about the upcoming race and we hope to see you out there! 
April 23, 2011

Austin and the crew drove to sunny Huntsville, AL to race in the first National event of the season.  It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon with blue skies and warm weather.  The ProNational cars would get about 2hrs of practice before qualifying and Austin took advantage of every minute he had.  He would go out and make some good practice laps and then bring the car in for some minor adjustments to help pick up the speed.  Practice was awesome, we had no issues and his lap times were fast.  We had a NASCAR type qualifying with single cars taking only 2 laps.  Austin qualified 7th out of a 12 car field.  After a brief introduction on the front stretch the cars lined up to take the field for a 50 lap race.  Austin quickly settled in and started making his way towards the front of the field.  He battled hard, putting on the best show of the race for 4th place with Brad Stiffler - a 16 year old rookie that Austin raced against in the minicup cars.  For about 25 laps these two were side by side, swapping positions - both racing hard for the position, but never touching each other.  Austin even had a right front tire go down and was still putting pressure on Stiffler.  Austin had him in his sights and wanted the lead so bad with only 3 laps to go, before his car lost power and he finished in 9th place.  Not a bad race for the youngest driver in the field, although he was disappointed that he did not get the top 5 finish he was shooting for - but that's racing!  Our next race is on May 13 & 14 at Bolivar and Lebanon.  These two tracks will be our home tracks for the season - so we hope to see some of our fans come out to support us!  We would like to thank all of our 2011 sponsors for their wonderful support this season.  It is people like you who make a difference in young people's lives.  You are making this 11 year olds dreams come true and we thank you for that!

April 2, 2011 

Well Race fans it turned out to be a beautiful day for racing in Northern Tennessee at Highland Rim Speedway, We had 7 cars that showed up to race with the 22 car of Austin Johnson traveling in for his debut race in the Pro National Car. Both practice sessions went very well for all with a couple of spin outs by Austin (22) and Randy (39). Chris Willis (08) and Ronnie Brinkley (25) were the hot foots of the day setting pole with a 14.1 lap time. The track stopped us on the front stretch and did a driver introduction, we had a couple of laps to get some heat in the tires and then we went racing with Chris, Ronnie, and Shannon taking off to a good lead the youngster was just getting settled in for a quick shoot out, With twenty five laps Austin had his work cut out for him to try to get to the leaders with a rookie type start. Austin finished fourth in his first ever Pro National debut. You can check out the video on you tube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhtJOgk3VA0


AJM was unable to qualify due to a broke rear end and was unsure if we would even make the race.  However after some dedication and hard work from everyone the 10 hr drive paid off.  AJM would like to thank all the racers that pitched in to help fix our rear end and get it back in the car just in time to make the feature race. As well as a BIG THANK YOU to the Hamilton family for allowing AJM Racing to use their facilities to get us back on the track Saturday Night, it speaks volumes to the type of people running the track, and competing on the track when they all help a fellow racer from Oklahoma.


AJM is proud to announce two new sponsors for the 2011 race season.  WIX Filters and Compliance Fire & Safety, please check out their websites from our sponsor’s page.  We want to give a big thank you to all our sponsors who are onboard this year.  Our race team would not be possible without you!  We must give thanks to our Lord for always protecting Austin while on the track and watching over our team on our many travels this year.  Our next race is at Huntsville Speedway – hope to see you there!

January 11, 2011
Austin Johnson MotorSports is now AJM Racing.  We are making a few adjustments over at AJM and hopefully you will find them just as exciting as we do.  For the 2011 race season Austin will be competing in the new Pro National Series, in his new Pro National car and with a new car number.  Austin will now drive the #22, this number has been a family favorite for many generations.  Austin will be the youngest driver competing in this division.  This first season we will mainly focus on seat time and consistency.  Our goal is to get Austin accustom to driving, shifting and passing - all at top speeds of 130 miles per hour.
Check out youtube for Austin's first time in the PN car. He is in the Blue car with the black front clip.
The crew has been working hard on the car's gearing them up for the upcoming season!  They are getting excited to climb back into the seat and get the racing started.  We would like to thank our 2011 sponsors:
Team Silence
Wishard Caviar
Danny's Auto Body
December 1
Austin Johnson finished the 2010 season as the NASCC Champion & JRP Track Champion.
He also accomplished a fifth place finish in the IKO series and finished ninth in the MMRA National Championship Series.  We would like to thank all of our wonderful sponsors, who helped Austin accomplish all of his goals and dreams this year.  Our season would not be possible without you!
Keep checking back, as we have some exciting news regarding the 2011 season!
AJM is currently seeking sponsors for the 2011 season.  If you are interested please contact us via the contact page. 
Saturday July 17
Austin & crew rolled into Jeffersonville to try to get our top three finish that we deserved.  As you might remember the last race here Austin got caught in some traffic and took a hard hit into the wall.  So this race he wanted to bring home a good finish for his growing race fans!  He went out and had a good qualifying - with the invert of the field he would sit outside pole, right beside the 99 of Blake Brown.  Austin did not get the start he needed and was quickly hung out in the field,  just like you might see in Daytona or Talladega.  He finally found an open spot in 6th place and then set his sights on the finish line.  He went to work patiently this time making sure to pass at the right time, so not get caught up in the lap traffic.  He had moved his way into forth position, when trying to make his way thru multiple lap cars.  When they did not go high like directed the lap leaders had to check up and in the process Austin got spun out coming out of turn 4.  He did a complete 360 turn and never let out of the throttle, he went right back to racing and regained his position back.  He would not have enough laps to catch the leader, but finished a remarkable 4th place finish within the National MMRA field.  We would like to thank everyone for their help and support thru out our racing season, without our sponsors racing would not be possible.  Above all we want to thank our Lord for keeping us safe during our racing and travels.  The group will be racing next at Corbin Speedway for a double feature event with the IKO group on Aug 14th.  If you are in the area please come check us out!
Saturday Sept 4th
This weekend was the big Champ weekend for the IKO group.  We would started the race weekend off at Anderson Speedway.  The track opened up at eleven just for us to race our events.  We would have two features.  Austin qualified in fourth position with Stiffler taking fast time.  The first feature was off with Stiffler taking the lead followed by Trey Craig, Matthew Lawrence and Austin.  All four were bumper to bumper.  Austin would try to duck low and get Matthew on the inside, but Matthew would come down to try to get around Trey.  The car's were so close that nobody had any room to make their moves and get around.  The first feature would end without any cautions & Austin would finish fourth.
Second feature at Anderson again started with Austin in fourth position.  On lap three Austin made his move on the outside of Trey and they would run side by side the entire race.  Austin would take a small lead in turn's one and two but then Trey would come back in three and four and gain it back.  Several time's they would run out of room and bump each other to then get right back in their lines and drive hard.  This battle would allow the leaders Stiffler and Matthew to pull ahead.  Everyone's main focus was on the third and fourth place car's.  One wrong move on either car could send them both into the wall, however both of them did an excellent job holding their lines and driving hard!  Finally with about three laps to go Austin made a cross over move coming out of turn four to take a small lead, but Trey crossed back over in turn 2 to get it right back.  Again Austin made another cross over in four which put Trey on the outside.  Coming to the checker flag they were side by side for a photo finish.  Trey would finish third by a split hair!  This was one of the most exciting races this season.  Both boy's got out of their car's and congratulated the other with big smiles on their faces.  Race finish was Stiffler, Matthew, Trey, Austin, Cory, Amanda, Jacob.


Sunday Sept 5th
Sunday's race would take us back to Whitesville, KY to the Kentucky Motor Speedway.  Austin raced here last year when the leaders took each other out coming out of two.  So from the start Mom was already nervous.  This is a big track and the car's go about 70 to 74 miles per hour around the track.  They call it a mini Talladega.  Qualifying would put Austin in the fifth position, third row inside.  When the green flag dropped Austin tucked up in behind the 18 of Stiffler the inside line looked to have the lead with the outside line trying to make their way in line with everyone else.  After the shuffle Austin would fall fourth.  With some drafting from Trey they would gain speed going down the straight away.  Without any caution's the checker flag would drop.  Stiffler taking the win, followed by Matthew, Trey, Austin, Cory, Will rounding out the top six cars.


Second feature would draw a five for the invert.  So Austin would start outside pole position with Cory on the pole.  Green flag dropped and by turn two Austin would take the lead.  After holding the lead for a few laps Trey finally took the lead followed closely by Matthew.  After a few more laps Matthew would finally take over second spot with Austin falling to third.   The top three leaders had a good lead on the rest of the field until Austin spun himself out coming out of two.  This would mean he had to go to the tail of the field.  Green flag dropped and Austin drove hard, on the first lap he would pass four cars.  He set his sights on the leaders and was trying to shorten the track.  He made his way back up to fifth position before the checker flag came out and he ran out of laps.  Race winner was Trey Craig, followed by Matthew Lawrence, Stiffler, Will, Austin rounding out the top six cars.
We would like to thank our many sponsors for all their help and support!  Each and every one of you are very special to our race team.  Without your support our "Little Man's" dreams would not be possible.  We thank our Lord in Heaven for keeping Austin and our crew safe this weekend in their racing and travel.  Our season is winding down with only a few more race's to go.  Check back soon for our next race update.
Saturday July 10
Austin Johnson Motorsports rolled into Anderson Indiana with the IKO Series for the first actual feature race there this season.  The group was there in April and held the fastest time all day, before the rain came and cancelled the show.  However this trip a new track record (16.163) was set by 15-Trey Craig shattering the old mark (16.23) that stood for years. Austin qualified 3rd the best he has done yet!  With the invert, the 07-machine would be on the pole.  At the start of the race the pace car slowed him down and held him up coming to the green. The official’s called for a re-start, but again the same thing happened.  I am not sure what the pace car was trying to accomplish but he may have cost the 07-Jonhson the race. The 18-Stiffler was able to get to the front from the outside pole going into turn one with 07 Johnson falling to very close second followed by the new track record holder 15 Craig in third, 2 Lorance and 16 Ensor rounding out the top 5. The battle for first and second was close.  Austin would gain in turns one and two – then Stiffler would take back the gain in turns three and four.  These two cars would end up lapping the top six cars in the field! The 16 Ensor and 56 Harrison had one of the best battles of the race for the 5th position with 16 Ensor holding off the hard charging 56 Harrison. The 7th place was contested just as hard between the 20 Tyler Brown, 14 Corey Deuser and 83 Jacob McClay with 20 Brown taking the 7th spot followed by 14 Deuser, 83 McClay, 88 Rupert and 81 Blair.  This was a great caution free race!  After the race we compared our times with Stiffler & found that we were both running the exact same lap times!  The crew would like to thank all of our sponsors, you make our race team what it is today!  We would also like to give thanks to our God, for keeping us safe in our travels.  The team travels many miles to make the races and we just thank him and everyone for the many blessings that they have given us!  Our next race will be Saturday July 17 back at Jeffersonville Speedway.

Saturday June 26

Well race fans Saturday night was an exciting race!  The crew traveled to Jeffersonville, In to race with the IKO group.  Austin had a hot car, but during qualifying he spun out in turn 3 & 4, therefore he would start at the tail end of the field.  For the first race Austin jumped to the lead quickly and never looked back.  There was a caution that came out, that would group the kids back up, but no one had anything for the 07 machine.  As he crossed the finish line the announcer said “Stone Cold Austin Johnson in the 07 car from Inola, OK takes the checker flag!”  Austin was all smiles!  We had about a 30 minute break before we would take the track again for the second feature.  With Austin on the tail end and the green flag dropped, he quickly made his way up thru the field and found himself in 3rd place.  He was quickly gaining on the leaders, 18 of Stiffler and 2 of Lorance.  Coming out of turn 2 Austin went to pass the 56 Amanda “Jersey”, who was a lap down.  Amanda got loose and looked to be going low, so Austin took the high side.  Unfortunately Amanda shot back around hitting Austin and sending him straight into the wall.  Austin climbed out of the car and waved at everyone letting them know that he was OK.  The track did an awesome job bring out the Red flag and diverting the field away from the crash.  The track would have to bring out the tow truck to get the 07 car picked up and taken back to the pits.  Stiffler in the 18 car would go on to win the race.  The team did not get the finish we wanted or deserved, but man we learned a lot of great information.  After the race all the other racers came over to check on Austin, and see the damage.  Jersey was sad & sorry the accident happened.  Austin told her it was alright, my dad was looking for an excuse to put the new front clip on the car!  We would like to thank everyone for their help & support.  We race with a great group of people, that all help each other when needed.  Thank you to all our sponsors it is you who gives us the opportunities to race.  We want to give a very special thanks to our sponsor Wishard Caviar Consultants who just purchased Austin a new Hans neck device.  With this being the first time on the track, it paid off.  We are very thankful and blessed to have wonderful sponsors that care so much!

Saturday May 29

Austin and the crew raced in Tulsa, OK at JRP this weekend for the local groups Champ weekend.  It was our first really hot day at the track.  We had a visitor Will Fagen that came down from Georgia to race with us this weekend.  We would have two feature races today.  Qualifying round went well for Austin as he took the checker flag.  This would set the line up for the first feature race with Austin on the pole, Will Fagen on the outside, followed by Tanner Phillips inside row two and Hotrod Ford outside row two.  Green flag dropped and Austin took the lead for most of the race, with Will Fagen close behind.  On the White flag drop Austin went to high in turn one and two and opened the door for Will to take the lead.  Austin tried to take the position back in turn four, but came up short.  Will would take the checker flag for the first feature, followed by Austin, Tanner, & Hotrod.  This would also set the line up for the second feature.  With Austin on the outside pole position - Will to the lead in the start of the race with Austin and Tanner battling for second and third positions.  All three racers led at some one point in the race.  Tanner was leading when Will got into Austin in turn 2, this would bring out the caution.  Single file restart on the green flag and Will jumped out with Austin Following, this would set up for three wide coming down the front stretch.  Austin took over the lead for a brief moment before another caution came out, they would revert back to the previous line up.  This time it was Will who took the lead.  With about 5 laps left Austin was able to pass Will for the lead.  This time Tanner also made the pass and was close behind on Austin's bumper.  With one lap to go Austin held his line, Tanner drove hard into turn 4 trying to make the pass for the win, but spun out in the process.  Austin won the feature, with Will in second and Tanner coming up third.  It was a great race weekend with all the kids racing hard.  Tanner did a great job driving hard and giving it all or nothing for the final lap.  We want to thank Will Fagen and his family for coming out to race with us this weekend & hope to race with them in Georgia soon. We want to thank God for his many blessings that he has provided our family.  As always we want to thank our sponsors for their support, without them our racing season would not be possible.  We wish everyone a safe trip home


Saturday May 22

The crew raced at Speedrome Speedway for the first time ever this weekend.  This track is similar to sportdrome, so we had a good baseline for the start.  We would do single car qualifying, with Austin getting better at this qualifying, he qualified in fourth place.  Tonight the track had a B feature and a A feature.  During the B feature the field was completely inverted.  Green flag dropped and the racing was off.  Stiffler quickly made his way thru traffic with Trey and Austin close behind.  Coming out of turn 2 Amanda Harrison got spun out.  Stiffler and Trey went to the inside and Austin split to the outside, barley missing the accident and the wall he would take the lead, with a considerable lead out in front Austin would bring home his first checker flag of the season!  For the second feature the field was inverted by four, so Austin would have to start in fourth position.  Stiffler quickly took the lead and held it to take the second feature win followed by Trey, Cory, Austin, Jacob, Amanda.  We had a great time racing in Indy this weekend.  Austin always has a great time seeing the other racers.  Thank you to all our sponsors for their support!  Don't forget to check them out on our Sponsor page.  

May 15, 2010

JRP race has been rained out.  Our next race will be on May 22 @ Speedrome.


May 8, 2010

We had another great turn out of support in Jeffersonville, IN.  Austin had a fast car right from the start.  He would qualify in 5th place, but with the invert of the field it would place him starting outside pole for the feature race.  Green flag dropped and he got an awesome start, however the track decided to make a restart.  The cars would line back up in starting order.  This time around he was getting pushed from behind from Bradley Stiffler in the 18 car, trying to get some momentum taking the green flag.  On lap 1 Austin felt the car have troubles and went to the middle of the field, before he realized he had a flat tire.  On lap 2 he brought the car to the infield.  There was a caution that came out with another car spinning out and this gave the crew the opportunity to change the flat with a pit stop.  The crew ran back to the pits and grabbed tires, and the impact and raced back to get the tire changed.  We got the flat changed and sent Austin back out while still under caution.  He would race around to catch up to the tail of the field, where he would start at the end of the line.  The green flag dropped again, this time with the car not handling as good now as before the flat he would have to race hard to gain track position.  He never gave up, fighting to gain positions, he made his way back up to 5th place - where he would finish the race.  We had a great car for the night, we just got into some track trash from the other cars that caused us to have a flat.  I am very proud of our team for not giving up, we all worked very hard to get Austin back out there & he kept his head up.  Thanks to all our sponsors who help us make the race team possible.  It was great seeing all our friends and family again.


May 1, 2010

The gang went out to race at JRP Speedway on Saturday.  We got one practice session in and then the rain came.  With much effort from the track to get the race in, our group decided the track was still too wet for our cars.  The race was rained out!  We are now getting ready for our next race at Sportsdrome Speedway on May 8th.  Thank you to all our sponsors and supports!  We are truly grateful for each and every one of you.


April 24, 2010

Austin and the entire crew loaded up and headed to Anderson, IN for the first race with the IKO group this season.  With a chance of rain, we thought we would chance it and hope for the weather to corporate.  We arrived to the track and pulled the new car out and were fastest on the track all day.  We had some great practice sessions in and Austin loved the track.  He could put the car where ever he needed to.  For Qualifying the cars would line up like NASCAR and take the fastest out of two laps. During the first lap Austin had a mishap, but came back strong for the second lap.  He would qualify in 4th position.  Just as we were getting ready to take the track for the feature race, the skies opened up and the rain came.  The track worked hard to try to get the race in, but finally had no choice but to cancel the race due to rainout.  The group was really hoping to get to race, as the car was fast and the driver was ready, but unfortunately we will have to wait till next time.  The crew did get to spend some great family time with family and friends from Indiana that they have not seen in a very long time.  We want to thank everyone for coming out on Saturday and giving us support.  It was great to see everyone and it sounds like we will be seeing everyone again soon.  Austin and the crew are racing locally this weekend at JRP in Tulsa, OK.  We hope to see our local supporters at the track on Saturday @ 1:00.  We would like to thank our sponsors for their dedication and support.  Without you are travels and racing would not be possible.


Saturday April 3

Austin took the track today for the first point’s race of the season, at JRP in Tulsa.  He drew 3rd for starting position.  However after the pole winner Jeff Ford, took himself out of the race, due to some mechanical issues – Austin got pushed up to take the pole position.  Austin led 17 of the 20 laps.  With only 3 laps left newcomer Jacob Blair # 81 would pass Austin coming out of turn 4.  Austin was quick to take the position back, by passing Jacob coming out of turn 2.  Jacob passed Austin again and as Austin went to take the lead coming across the start finish line for the white flag, Jacob got loose.  Austin let out to avoid any major damage, and finished the race in a very close second position.  This was a great race for all the drivers.  They did an outstanding job, as this year at JRP there is no radio communication with the drivers.  Finishing order was 81 Jacob Blair, 07 Austin Johnson, 98 Tanner Phillips.  We would like to congratulate Jacob on his first minicup win of the season!  We are sure it will not be his last! The team will be off for a few weeks, before heading out to our next race in Anderson, IN.  Thank you to all our sponsors and fans that help and support us each year!


Saturday, March 27

Austin and the crew took the new car out for our first practice.  It was cold and very windy, but the car was great, Austin loved the way it handled.  The crew is now doing some final adjustments for our first points race on Saturday April 3rd at JRP in Tulsa.  It looks to be another exciting racing year, we hope all our fans will be able to make it out to see us this year.  We are excited to get the season started.  At this time we want to thank our 2010 Sponsors.  Team Silence, Evo Wraps, and Wishard Caviar Consultants. Without you are season would not be possible.  Keep checking back for more updates!